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General BIM Projects
Studio Tecnico Enzo Rubbo

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General BIM Projects is the result of the collaboration of various professional studios around the engineering and advisory services to businesses and professionals. We dedicate the maximum commitment to each individual customer to achieve maximum satisfaction. Our efforts extend beyond providing excellent services to those who need it. General BIM Projects - Studio Tecnico Enzo Rubbo conducts research and participates in a series of initiatives and seminars aimed at constantly developing their own business sector and contributing to the improvement of the services offered. General BIM Projects is implementing a growth-accelerated growth-driven strategy, improving operational efficiency and enhancing its own capabilities and associated companies. General BIM Projects - Studio Tecnico Enzo Rubbo constantly tries to develop technologies and products to support its customers.


BIM ProcessingBIM Processing



BIM Specialist for Building

Trimble® Tekla Structures® 
Trimble Tekla StructuresTrimble Tekla Structures



Ingegnere Project manager



Project managementProject management

Calcolo strutturaleCalcolo strutturale





Road Design Team





Structural Engineer




Progettazione stradaleProgettazione stradale

Progettazione energeticaProgettazione energetica




Engineeer Energy Design






Construction Manager Engineer



Direzione LavoriDirezione Lavori

Coordinamento SicurezzaCoordinamento Sicurezza


Safety Coordinator for design and execution




Render, Interior & Exterior Design





Render & Interior DesignRender & Interior Design

Rilievi topograficiRilievi topografici




Construction Site Expert
Topographic Measurement
Accurate Measurement



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